Horse’s Peak

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The Peak of the Horse is a mountain of Sierra Nevada, in the province of Granada, with an altitude of 3,011 msnm. It is located in the extreme west of the mountain range, being the most southern of the peaks superior to the 3,000 meters of the peninsula. From its skirts, the rivers Torrente, Lanjarón and Dúrcal are born. At its top there is a small perennial lagoon and a mountain refuge. Near it, following the path to Lanjarón, there are remains of buildings related to the failed reforestation attempt that took place in the first half of the 20th century.

The Peak of the Horse is located at the western end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The river Torrente and the Lanjarón have their birth in this emblematic summit. From the geological point of view, the Cerro del Caballo belongs to the complex called Nevado-Filábride and inside it the Manto del Veleta. The rocks that emerge are micachists and quartzites, the oldest materials of the Nevadense massif.


We propose to reach the peak of the Horse for a somewhat demanding and long route but that will allow us to know the glacial landscapes of Sierra Nevada from the headwaters of the Dílar and Lanjarón rivers, linking the summits of Veleta, Elorrieta, Tozal del Cartujo and the own Peak of the horse. The tour will allow us to enjoy beautiful and wide panoramic between unique high mountain landscapes that include a varied collection of the glacial forms of the Nevadas summits: glacial cirques, lagoons and lagoons, moraines, rocks, crepes, ridges.


A more direct way to crown this ‘tresmil’ is the one that starts from the town of Nigüelas. We cross the town and arrive at the Torrente river where the road becomes a lane. We ascend the ‘umbría’ leaving the river to our left and then, near the ‘Pingurucho’, a very characteristic rock, we pass to the slope of the sun. We continue ascending until we reach a fork located in a flat area and take the route on the right. In the surroundings of the Cortijos de Echevarría we will leave our vehicle. We will go up through the firewall until we reach the lane that goes to La Rinconada and Lanjarón where we will find a path that ascends along the ridge. We are in the Hill of the Three Mojones that leads us directly to the Peak of the Horse that we will see from this whole section of the route.


The peak of the Horse is the most western mountain of Sierra Nevada, with an altitude of 3011m. Nevalia mountain guides proposes you to ascend it from a place as incredible as the Rinconada de Nigüelas, to climb little by little to this beautiful summit. The peak of the Horse is perfect to contemplate its lagoon of the same name with the valley of Lanjaron and the highest peaks of Sierra Nevada in the background. We can also enjoy the best views of the fertile plain of Granada, and even the Mediterranean Sea and the Alayos.

The Laguna del Caballo is at the base of Cerro del Caballo; in a landing of glacial origin that appears between the rope of the High Tajos (to the West), and the peak of the Machos (to the East). A few meters from it there is a small mountain refuge. It is located at the head of the Lanjarón River, on its right bank. At about 2,850 meters altitude and at the foot of the peak of the same name. The practicable season is during the thawing season, preferably summer.