Lanjaron, the town of water

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Lanjaron, the town of water

Of those wars of Moors and Christians that dictated the end of a kingdom, that of Granada, when Ferdinand the Catholic conquered Lanjarón in 1490 scarcely remains a witness: the old Muslim fortress, where the insurgent Qasim mutinied and confronted the enemy troops with the slogan of winning or dying. Today, these centuries-old stones are still watching the steep valley that stretches to the sea, cut by the blue mountains of the southern Sierra Nevada. Now it is absolute peace that adds the people in a sweet lethargy. I rest you breathe in the clean air, in your quiet journeys under the tinaos, with their white houses of flowers and pots.

These peaks, the highest in the peninsula, to which Lanjarón clings as a tightrope walker, remain under a snowy mantle all winter that merges in pure water under the heat of spring. It slides under the ground down the hill, to the village, where it springs up in the form of transparent, healing water sources, with medicinal properties thanks to the minerals it has impregnated on its way from the peaks.

When walking through Lanjarón, the melody of the water is felt, heard … It envelops all the senses. It is said that in this small town of Granada live the longest in the world, will it be for water? Whatever it is, this legend is already part of the villa’s DNA. Not only is the water from the sources in Lanjarón transformed here into art, into poetry. It has become its emblem. This is a tribute to this good of nature that has blessed it being its most famous festivity the water festivals, which are celebrated every year at the summer solstice, the night San Juan.

What to see in Lanjarón, in the town of water?

The Spa of Lanjarón
Legend has it that three hundred years ago a sick man drank from a spring in Lanjarón and was cured of his ailment. Since that event was gaining popularity and its sources began to be used for therapeutic purposes. At the beginning of the 20th century, it experienced its splendor and became a refuge for the cultural and economic elite not only in Spain: in search of these virtuous waters, noblemen and monarchs flocked, Federico García Lorca, Manuel de Falla, Virginia Wolf or Beltrán Rusell. In 1928 the Neomudéjar style building with double tower of the Spa of Lanjarón was built. Today it functions as a recently modernized spa hotel.

The Lanjarón Water Museum
Four didactic rooms with audiovisual content to understand the vital importance of the primary element around which the people are articulated. The Lanjarón Water Museum is a sample of routes, history, meaning of water in Lanjarón, and includes itineraries to enjoy it in the natural park in which this municipality is located.

Fuentes de Lanjarón, where water is poetry
The soundtrack of Lanjarón is water. Its streets and squares are adorned with numerous fountains where the jets sprout. That it is fresh and delicious, a pleasure to the palate, is obvious. To the healing drink is added the color of the words, those of the great poet who loved this town: the water in Lanjarón sings with the voice of Lorca, making me dream with the tales of the moon-moon in a night of anise and silver.

Part of the article by Patricia Rojas for www.lacosmopolilla.com


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