Discover Lanjarón, a magical place, just 49 kilometers from Granada, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Enjoy extraordinary days of rest and comfort. In Lanjarón Rural Apartamentos we offer the most comfortable accommodation in Lanjarón. Receive a 15% discount for booking from our website. If you visit this wonderful Spanish town, we invite you to stay in our apartments.

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Our Lanjarón apartments are located in Lanjarón, Pórtico de Alpujarra Granadina, at a distance of 35 Kilometers from the city of Granada and Alhambra, just 100 meters from the Lanjarón spa, ideal place for a relaxing time, SPA, thermal therapies and Enjoy mineralized water.

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Lanjarón Rural consists of five fully equipped, comfortable furnished apartments with quality services. They have a rustic Alpujarra style. Lanjarón apartments stand out for their unbeatable mountain views, perfect combination for an unforgettable stay.


Meet one of the longest living places in the world! Lanjarón is a growing tourist destination. It is a tourist reference since 1774 when mining-medicinal waters began to be known. It attracts Spanish visitors and from all over the world. It offers tourists good dining options, delicious weather, the spa of Lanjarón, museums, trails and of course beautiful and unforgettable landscapes, without overlooking Lanjarón apartments.


At Lanjarón Rural Apartamentos we want to make you feel better than at home, do not forget to know our fabulous apartments. Fully equipped and with all services: satellite TV, Wi-Fi, fireplace in each apartment, heating all surrounded by extraordinary natural views, completely comfortable, designed for you, enjoy the best accommodation in Lanjarón. Take a look in our image gallery, come and visit us. We will gladly assist you. We wait for you.


We not only care about offering an excellent offer excellent accommodation in Lanjarón, we also offer excellent offers throughout the year, with easy payment. We want others to know this little paradise. Then, that the money does not stop you, consult our conditions. Remember, you can get a 15% discount for booking from our website.